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the little big bamboothe little big bamboo

We are a small team on an adventure, usual family fights but unrelenting bamboo passion to make earth-saving, compostable, zero-waste products

Seriously, we never get bored here. Today it's Toilet Paper, tomorrow it's Underwear, the next day it's Laundry Sheet & more) 🌏

Ohh -
Not to mention we cultivate the
best DIY bamboo screening plants as well. Wooh000o!



Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis

7 Passionate Bamboo warriors working with lots of love & gratitude

Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis

One Purchase = One Bamboo Planted in Australia

Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis

Our product serves as a lifetime solution that mama earth approves

From the little Bamboo, Big Bamboo grow

We are Amanda and Neesh, a wife-and-husband duo – A mad Bamboo family to be honest, including our little ones. Showing them how to run a business ethically, how to give back and do good for mama earth is our way to teach them some of the beautiful things in life!

Throwback to Feb. 2011

They say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. They are: Bamboo plants, Mother Nature, Friends and Family, Animal lover & my Wife (I have to say this) – Not sure if these are all people, but that’s me (Neesh) in a nutshell.

The idea to tackle the global climate problem with Bamboo started in 2011. We (Amanda & Neesh) were propagating the best clumping bamboo ‘Gracilis’ (still do today) & had our first Market sale in Berwick, Melbourne.

We are super proud to be greening up Melbourne, offsetting Australia’s carbon emissions whilst offering a privacy garden for the busy modern life!

the little big bamboo
the little big bamboo

Life takes over, but it’s never too late! 

Many of you would have seen or heard about the ‘War on Waste’, or maybe you love David Attenborough and watched his latest addition ‘A Life on Our Planet’.

 However, after a few days when the show is no longer at the forefront of our mind, life takes over. For us, we had new eco-warriors (Salena & Ishaan) joining the family.

While taking care of them, I learnt that 80% of our what we recycled is rejected at the landfill!

I am now a firm believer that the mama earth doesn’t need more products – just better solutions to existing problems.

Zero Toxins
in our products


Fast Fwd to 2023…Mama Earth Approves

 Since having our children, we felt a sudden drive to do better. We educated ourselves and met many creators who are truly passionate about MAMA EARTH.

However, we kept going around in circles during our research & always drawn back to our passion – BAMBOO (and its environmental benefits)

Like many companies doing amazing things for sustainability (like turning palm leaves into throw-away plates), we created our own bamboo-based solutions that will stand the test of time (and doesn’t break the bank or compromise on quality)

Today, every purchase you make puts planet health at the heart of our products.

Our Head Office and nurseries are are based in Melbourne, Australia and we have distribution warehouses in Australia.

the little big bamboo


the little big bamboo

'You’ll actually want to show off your toilet paper & while saving hundreds of dollars every year. I love the monstera pattern!!’
– Darcy

the little big bamboo

‘No more lugging home big plastic bottles. The plant-based laundry sheet works as well (if not better) than the big-name supermarket brands without using any nasty ingredients. You must try it!’
– Raj


The most sustainable growing brand in Australia, solving the biggest climate crisis problems

Problem 1: Plastic aren’t just bad, they’re also bad for our health, forest & oceans.

Problem 2: By 2030, there is going to more plastic in the sea than fish.

Problem 3: Every day, 27,000 trees are cut down just to make regular toilet paper.

Problem 4: Why Pay for synthetic chemicals in detergent which were developed 100 years ago?

Problem 5: The average 4-person Aussie household uses 30 single use plastic straws a year. Instead, teach your kids to make your own from their garden.

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Amanda (Chief Zero Waste Officer)
Neesh (Chief Bamboo Officer)

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