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Bamboo toilet paper

For that silky soft wiping & guilt free experience, bamboo toilet paper is a must try. Every wipe count with bamboo – a real change maker. Happy for you and mama earth, we are making the most real sustainable bamboo products. Thelittlebigbamboo extra strong but soft three-ply Toilet roll is biodegradable so it’s good for your nice bum and the planet. With no artificial fragrance or dyes, there are no nasty chemicals in our bamboo-based toilet Paper.

Bamboo toilet paper prevents 27,000 trees from getting cut down every year.

Moreover, we what if we told you, you could have this eco-friendly goodness conveniently delivered to your front door (bathroom door would be weird), in a recycled box? The recycled toilet paper box can be reused, or composted!


Subscribe, sit back, wipe down under

No one wants to be caught short of toilet paper (read: The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020,2021,2035. Hello Covid?) — let alone the premium bamboo variety. We get it, you have better things to do with your time than shop for bulky plastic 2ply 180 sheets toilet paper roll that takes up half of your trolley space.

We launched thelittlebigbamboo’s subscription-based model, to take care of it for you. For an affordable monthly fee, you can opt to receive your bamboo toilet paper delivery fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, or just about whenever it suits you; Simply select auto-delivery and set and forget. What’s more, all 36 mega long loo rolls come as plant inspired patterns and individually wrapped — no more hiding the TP (or collecting dust)!

Do you also need to stock up on laundry Sheet, Bamboo toothbrush and Bamboo straws? We are a mad Bamboo family! Here at thelittlebigbamboo, we’re expanding our bamboo products gradually but surely to help you make more conscious decisions.

We offer bamboo toilet paper delivery to most places around Australia for FREE

Tree Free Toilet Paper and bamboo(s)…And Our mission

Not only are we against cutting down trees to produce our premium quality bamboo toilet paper,

Our mission to help bend the climate change curve. Bamboo is the ultimate plant when it comes to sinking carbon. One Bamboo plant can absorbs up to 0.7T of Co2 when established every year! So, lets plant more of them!!!

 One Bamboo tree is planted for every purchase!

Bamboo play a vital role in our ecosystem. They regrow on their own when cut, clean and cool the air, recycle nutrients for agriculture, support wildlife habitat and so much more.

Behind the brand

Thelittlebigbamboo is 100% Australian owned and operated, with women and young family proudly at the centre of it. We started with our Bamboo nursery business (still do today) to provide DIY Bamboo screening with our unique “Gracilis” Bamboo plants. So why not bamboo-based products that will bend the climate change curve? So, make the one choice that counts and subscribe to thelittlebigbamboo to wipe one more thing from your plate, once and for all.

We ethically source environmentally friendly, vegan and plastic-free goods so you can vote with your dollar and make better choices.

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