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The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Horizontal

I have a confession: I’m hung over. No, I didn’t drink too much alcohol last night. What I mean is, my toilet paper hangs over the front of the roll, rather than under (or behind) it.

“Is that easier to reach out? Do you do care really or is it because your wife care and that's why you do it that way?

Our recent Instagram poll confirmed that Aussie poo-pers say 80% over, 10% under, 10% don't care (the wife decides)


The Case for Over

Traditionally, toilet paper brands created printed pattern toilet paper and the design is clearly visible as you pull the sheets. If you had the toiler paper roll as an UNDER, then the you won’t see the design.

Naturally, this leads to creating a proper norm - means that over is the proper way.

At thelittlebigbamboo, our toilet paper has minimal patterns making the wiping experience a better one. Patterns are not required because our bamboo toilet paper is already strong, leaving no bits behind


Then why the debate

Then maybe hanging under is a form of rebellion, something the cool kids do? However, our customers have DM us saying the most popular reason for hanging toilet paper under is that it’s more difficult for tiny creatures (cats, puppy, babies) to unspool it that way.



The new Bamboo Toilet Paper way! Your way!

But not everyone (gulp) hangs the toilet paper horizontally. Many people now buy hangers that hold rolls vertically, which opens up another huge can of worms.  😊