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Just Where Do You Put the Toilet?

The positioning of your toilet should be a top priority when figuring out your home’s layout

So, to avoid this disappointment, it should be one of the first things to ponder in the blueprint stages of your renovation or new house build.

The right positioning and choice can elevate your bathroom to this-looks-like-it-belongs-in-a-hotel status, while the opposite could send your so-called design prowess gurgling down the drain.


toilet paper


These are some places where you need a toilet in your build…

  • Powder room
  • Ensuite
  • Kids Bedroom
  • Guest Ensuite
  • Outside man cave
  • First floor if you have a double storey


Take your toilet paper roll into account

Seemingly minor things like this all need to be considered.

For instance, a naked white toilet paper roll will attract dust and moisture whereas a recycled toilet paper may contain BPA with constant exposure to our sensitive skin.

 Analyse features and benefits you want for your toilet paper

A common example here is the number of toilet paper sheets or the number of ply.


Benefit 1: 375 MEGA long sheets

Ours have the longest roll ever 375 sheets. Our 36 toilet paper rolls is equivalent to 71 of the avg. supermarkets brand. The result – less roll changing and cheaper

Benefit 2: Delivered to your door (bathroom door would be weird)

You’re often buying big plastics packs with less sheets that take up half of your shopping trolley and if you’re not driving, you have to lug it home walking with it under your arm. This is even worst when you have kids alongside with you, one crying and the other lost among the aisles 👶

Benefit 3: Made of Bamboo instead of Trees

Global corporations have been cutting down forests and directly impacting our wild life since the 20th century. Our TP is made of Bamboo plants. Bamboo grows taller than a kid in 15 days without any chemicals and is panda friendly (they don’t eat that variety!)


Say you now have a rough idea for your toilet’s position and quantity required (and a style in mind, too). More importantly, every poop you do will save 27,000 trees from getting cut down every day with thelittlebigbamboo toilet rolls!