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How to Poop properly using toilet paper. According to my life experience. True story

Toilet Paper and Pooping are actually very scientific. Pooop is a combination of biology (our gut, intestinal tract, colon, etc.), physics (gravity), and force (get it?). 


Now that you have the image of the pooping process in your mind, let’s dive into it


Squatting and wiping with Toilet Paper

The squatting toilet and wiping with toilet paper is common in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. I (Neesh) grew up in Mauritius and that was my personal experience. The toilet bowl is actually embedded in the ground and there are typically indications of where to put your feet on either side of the bowl. The instructions for use are as follows:


  1. Squat
  2. Poop


Sitting and wiping with Toilet Paper

The sitting on the throne experience is the most popular poop position in Australia. It’s where the person’s knees and hips are aligned forming a 90-degree angle. As you’re reading this, you are likely in a seated position, and you may even be in said seated defecation posture.


Bamboo Toilet Paper

While, the health benefits of using a squatting toilet versus sitting toilet are controversial, this is no doubt that bamboo toilet paper is the preferred choice of toilet paper over the ones made of forest trees or made of BPA recycled paper. They provide the best wiping experience with a clean conscience!